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Based in Lisburn and Trading in Cherished Registration Numbers Since 1999

Delta Registrations Supplies the Motor Trade Transport Industry and Private Buyers

Offering Great Value Delivered by Helpful Friendly Staff

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Most of our Registration Numbers are on DVLA Certificates

Ready for Fast Transfer

All Prices Shown Include DVLA Transfer Fees

Same Day Transfer is Possible in Most Cases

(See FAQ's or Ask for Details)

Stock Changes Regularly so Please Phone or Message us to Confirm Availability or if You Don't See What You Want

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All Prices Below Include DVLA Transfer Fees

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All Prices Above Include DVLA Transfer Fees

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Cheap Dateless Cover Numbers

with Prices from Just £109

Including £80 DVLA Transfer Fee

A great way to disguise the age of your vehicle


Unlike registration numbers issued in England, Scotland and Wales, Northern Ireland issued numbers have no age identifier

They can be transferred to any age of UK registered vehicle provided it is taxed and tested (if appropriate)

Popular with fleet owners, coach companies, luxury car hire firms etc.

Same day transfer is usually possible if you already have a V5c Registration Document issued in your own name

Prices shown here include the £80 DVLA transfer fee

Plates are not included but can be purchased from your local motor factors or accessory shop

Stock changes regularly so please contact us if you see anything of interest

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a selection of our most Frequently Asked Questions, but please feel free to phone or message us with any other queries.


I’ve seen a Suitable Registration Number; how do I Buy?

Phone or message us with your requirements, and to arrange payment. We can accept payment by Cleared Cheque, Electronic Bank Transfer, or by Debit or Credit Card through PayPal.


How do I get the Registration Number Transferred to my Vehicle?

In most cases, if you already have a taxed and tested vehicle, and have a V5C registration document (logbook) already issued in your own name, we should be able to assign the registration number to your vehicle almost instantly online. We just require some details from the V5C.

When processed, we forward DVLA’s confirmation email to you, and your new V5C is sent you direct from DVLA Swansea in around 5 working days.

Occasionally, if for example there has been a break in the taxation history of the vehicle, the automated online transfer system will decline the transfer, and request a postal application which can take around 2 weeks. In these cases, we require you to send us your V5C, and we submit the transfer application on your behalf.


What if I Don’t want to Transfer the Registration Number to vehicle Right Away?

If you don’t wish to transfer the registration number to a vehicle right away, or are buying it as a gift, it can be held on the DVLA certificate until ready. Then it is simply a matter of sending the certificate with your V5C registration document to Swansea DVLA (We can do this for you by post if you prefer).

If assigning the registration number to a brand-new vehicle, hand the certificate to your car dealer and he/she will arrange assignment.


What Happens to my Existing Registration Number?

Your existing number will be forfeited and become void when you transfer the new one. If it has value, you may wish to put it on a DVLA retention certificate for future use (DVLA fees apply).


Are there any Additional Costs?

Unlike many Cherished Registration Suppliers, the prices shown on our website Include the £80 DVLA Transfer Fee. Some Insurance companies charge a small admin fee to amend the policy.


Are the Actual Physical Plates Included?

As with most Cherished Registration Suppliers, the actual plates are not included, but can be purchased locally from motor factors and accessory shops. If required, we can supply standard number plates at £20 for the pair.


Are there any Vehicle Age Restrictions on Transferring a Registration Number?

GB issue Plates (Prefixed, Suffixed and Current format) cannot be used to make a vehicle look younger than it is. For example, a current format (e.g. AB02 ABC) plate can only be used on a vehicle registered after 1st March 2002. Northern Ireland Issue Plates have no age identifier, and can be transferred to a vehicle of any age. If in doubt, please contact us for confirmation of suitability.


Can a Northern Ireland Registration Number be Transferred to a Motorcycle?

Yes, a Northern Ireland Registration Number can be transferred to a vehicle of any type and age, anywhere in the UK, provided it is currently taxed and MoT’d


Does Delta Registrations Buy Registration Numbers?

Yes, we have a special interest in purchasing old Northern Ireland numbers. Phone or message us with details of what you have.

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